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Welcome to Leaping Horseman Books

Leaping Horseman Books is a small publishing house that specialises in books about the Eastern Front, and Stalingrad in particular. Our aim is to publish books and other material that is of interest to many people but that is not being produced by larger publishers. Stalingrad is a very popular subject - and there are indeed dozens of books written about it - but there is a surprising lack of new information. It is the lofty goal of Leaping Horseman Books to try to rectify this shortcoming.
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Pre-Pub Offer
Objective Ponyri!

Pre-publication price: AUD $70.00. For more information about the book, click here.


Angriff: The German Attack on Stalingrad in Photos

Retail price: AUD $100.00. For more information about the book, click here.


An Artilleryman in Stalingrad

Retail price: AUD $40.00. For more information about the book, click here.


Into Oblivion: The Story of Pionier-Bataillon 305

Retail price: AUD $80.00. For more information about the book, click here.


Croatian Legion

Retail price: AUD $80.00. For more information about the book, click here.


Besieged: The Epic Battle for Cholm

Retail price: AUD $80.00. For more information about the book, click here.

30 March 2015

It’s been a long time since our last update. As always, silence means we’ve been hard at work, and 2015 is going to be a big year for Leaping Horseman Books. Expect the release of three new titles. Let’s start in reverse order. Planned for publication towards the end of the year is the first volume in a series about panzer units at Stalingrad. Working title is “Stalingrad: Graveyard of the Panzers”. The second title, slated for release in a couple of months, is the memoir of Stug officer Werner Gosel. The book will be called “The Iron Cross Brigade”, the nickname for Stug.Abt.244. Besides Gosel’s personal account, the book is filled with lots of other information, accounts and photos of the battalion in action during Barbarossa 1941, Stalingrad 1942, Kursk 1943 and Bobruisk 1944. We’ll have some more news about this book in a couple of weeks.

Today, however, we want to announce the pre-publication offer for our next title called “Objective Ponyri!”, a book that finally covers the important but long-neglected attack against the northern side of the Kursk bulge during the summer of 1943. The author, Martin Nevshemal, a former USMC Captain and S-2 (Battalion Intelligence Officer), has used his analytical skills to evaluate primary and published sources to produce a book that clearly shows every stage of the German offensive towards Ponyri and the corresponding Soviet countermeasures. The book is filled with stunning aerial photos, uncovered by Martin in NARA’s vast holdings. Many of the photos, taken by German aerial recon planes, capture crucial moments of the battle: explosions, tanks and planes are often visible in the photos. To showcase these photos and the many other maps and colour satellite images, we have departed from our usual book format and instead used a large landscape format, with a photo on the left page and text on the right. Be sure to check out the samples (click on the book pic above and then look for the 5 links to sample pages).

Until we take delivery of the books, the pre-pub price is AUD $70 (regular price will be AUD $75).The option of a signed copy is also available. Please note: credit cards and PayPal will be charged immediately.

As with previous titles, cheaper postage is available for our North American and UK/European customers (we will despatch the book from the US). Postage for one copy of the book to a US address is AUD $14, to Canada AUD $28 and Air Mail to UK/Europe AUD $38. After being on parity with the greenback for a year or two, the Australian dollar has weakened considerably in the last few months, so now is a good time to order the book.

If you want more information and updates about Leaping Horseman Books, why not look us up on Facebook. Apart from announcements about upcoming books, we often post interesting images from our archives, provide corrections and additional information about past titles, and ask for feedback on future projects. You don’t even need an account to view our posts, just click the big thumb below:




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